Engine: Lehman SP-90 info here

Transmission: Borg Warner Velvet Drive

Fuel: diesel, two 78 gallon US steel tanks

Fuel polishing system; description is here



Starting; Flooded/Wet Lead-Acid Battery
House; two T-105 Trojan Deep-Cycle Flooded/Wet Lead-Acid Battery


Refrigeration unit replaced with Adler Barber CS-NC-15 which has an efficient Danfoss BD35F compressor; description available as file.pdf

Purchased from defender; Also available from westmarine which has couple of reviews

Stove/Oven by Mobilelife; LP, three burner, gimbaled, with oven that bakes bread.

Electronics and Navigation

Compass: Binnacle mount Suunto (Finland) Compass, 4 inch, type D110

Autohelm was updated with a ComNav 1420 unit with fluxgate compass description here as file.pdf

This unit replaced the original Alpha Marine Systems controller. The unit controls the original reversing motor hydraulic pump which is very satisfactory in the steering system.

Loran_C: Kenyon C-100 still installed, not used and no antenna

GPS: Furuno GP31 installed

Speedlog: The original unit was a mechanical skeg mounted propellor that drove a cable. This required a skeg mounting hull hole and a hole for the cable, abandoned. Both holes were captured in one hole drill opening that was used to accept the standard thru hull unit that accepts a transducer or paddle wheel speed sensor. The thruhull has the appropriate plug installed. I use the GPS unit for speed indication.

Depth Sounder: The original echo rotating flasher was abandoned. The thruhull has the appropriate plug installed.

Interphase Outlook and Thru-Hull mounted transducer installed operation manual


The NC33 is small enough to be handled with a skipper and a competent mate. It is big enough to be comfortable cruising but it doesn't really have room on deck for a dingy. I was intrigued by the system that Davon Marine Products developed. Their equipment seems fine. Check out the 'Customer Testimonials.' However their attachment to the hull is intended to be used on a flat transom and won't work well with the canoe stern.

So I devised my own approach